Hypnosis is a great way to make powerful life changes by using your subconscious mind, where true and lasting change occurs.

Hypnosis works wonders!  You can change destructive behaviors like eating or drinking too much, smoking, or feeling anxious or stressed.  You can boost your confidence and increase your productivity, eliminate fears and phobias, improve your focus and concentration, sleep deeply and more - with safe, effective and natural hypnosis.

True Happiness Hypnosis can help you improve your life today!

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5 Star Google and Yelp Reviews from Satisfied Clients

I worked with Emmy for seven sessions over 3 months, and I can honestly say that the progress I made with healing and gaining insight into my problems while working with Emmy, was more accelerated and than any progress, I’ve made over the last 20 years. I have worked with approximately 12 therapists throughout my life, and Emmy is the best. I say this from the perspective of both a client and also a medical professional. I have been a family physician for 17 years, and I can recognize a good practitioner when I see one-- Emmy is in the top 5%.

Hypnotherapy was new to me. I loved it. The insight gained through this particular type of healing was more profound and impactful than other forms of therapy I’ve tried, including CBT, EMDR, and talk therapy. Emmy has a knack for pulling from all kinds of traditions and schools of wisdom to help her client grow in a direction that is life-giving. Not only that, she is empathic and understanding, which makes it easier to talk about hard stuff. Life is hard, but in working with Emmy, you will gain new skills to conquer your particular challenges. ~  Anita H. ~ Bend, OR

Emmy has an outstanding talent for helping her clients relax into a place where your conscious mind quiets down, and your subconscious can safely address your concerns.  I have never tried this method before, and I would describe it as a guided meditation,  where you are in full control, but able to reframe events from your life into a positive perspective.  I would highly recommend Emmy as a safe, authentic and highly skilled practitioner of Hypnotherapy. This has proven to be a great method for clearing your mind, discovering ways to calm your mind and emotions, and really freeing yourself from past limitations for future growth. ~    Curt F. - Bend, OR

Emmy Eisenberg's compilation of modalities was very effective in my healing and getting me to a place where I'm living how I've always wanted to. I'm getting leaner. I'm creatively freer. I'm more disciplined, more able to consciously choose my path. I whole heartedly recommend Emmy for anyone who's ready to do the work to heal and make an extraordinary life. ~ Kathryn E. - Bend, OR

Last winter I had lunch with an old friend, and was shocked and impressed at how much her general demeanor had changed.  She was relaxed and happy in a different way than I had ever known her.  I asked what she thought was responsible for the change, and she told me 4 or 5 sessions of hypnosis. Hopeful but skeptical, I asked the name of her hypnotherapist, and she referred me to Emmy Eisenberg.

I think I saw Emmy 6 times before leaving for a 3 month trip in March.  By the third visit, the initial issues which brought me in were no longer bothering me.  I recognized them as totally false assumptions on my part.

We continued to focus on a few long-term untrue beliefs I had been carrying around since early childhood, and she helped me understand at a core level how ridiculous they were.

The realizations I made in hypnotherapy kick-started me into daily vigorous exercise and a life-changing personal recovery program. The past six months have been the happiest time of my life, and it just keeps getting better.  Yes, I have been doing the footwork, but I believe my therapy with Emmy enabled me to set aside the childhood damage and move forward, something I had been trying to do for decades.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. ~ Sarah R. - Deschutes County, OR

Emmy Eisenberg at True Happiness Hypnosis is truly a talented hypnotherapist and exceptional at what she does. You can tell she is really passionate about helping her clients.  She listens and gives practical strategies you can use on your own, in your everyday life. I definitely recommend True Happiness Hypnosis!   If you are on the fence about trying hypnosis, I would recommend you try it, and especially with Emmy. My life is so much better now. ~ Elle J. - Issaquah, WA

Emmy has been a life saver. This was the first time I have done hypnosis and I love it! It was like going to the spa for my mind. That is the best way I could describe it. She has helped me deal with lifelong issues. I have less anxiety and feel more at ease then I have felt in a very long time. She also gives you things to practice every day which also help. She not only helps with the issues you are dealing with right now but also issues you haven't dealt with from your past. Love her! Thanks Emmy!! ~ Meredyth T. - Bend, OR

I met Emmy at a time when I was looking to move past some deep obstacles and with her guidance, I am astounded by how much I learned and how quickly I was able to move past them. Emmy is not only kind and sensitive in ushering her clients into sometimes scary waters; she is innately gifted in empowering them to emerge with strength, direction and meaning.  I trust Emmy completely and continue to reap the benefits of our work together. ~ Jill R. - Deschutes County, OR

I have always had an issue with my weight.  I don't have alot of weight to lose, just about 10 lbs. But those last ten have seemed to be impossible to lose, until I tried hypnosis.  It was a great experience.  I am no longer obsessed with food and cravings (can someone say sugar?).  Now I can enjoy healthy eating and I feel more confident. ~ Laura R. - Seattle, WA

Emmy is great! I came to her with chronic lower back pain that I'd had for about a dozen years. Acupuncture, massage, physical therapy & diet adjustments sometimes worked temporarily but I have never been able to treat it by physical means with lasting results. I had read about mind-body connections and thought my issues could be stress related as much or more than physical. This is Emmy's expertise. Treatments for me were really very straightforward, comfortable, and relaxing. Hypnotherapy is very effective! After six sessions with Emmy I feel better than I have in the last few years and confident that it I will stay this way. ~ Eric H. - Bend OR