Hypnosis for Weight Loss HYPNOSIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS

Have you tried diet after diet, only to feel more frustrated each time?  Many people use food as a substitute for love, comfort and to avoid painful feelings. Others use food because of boredom, for a reward or even punishment.

Hypnosis for weight loss can be used to change your perception of food and allow you to enjoy eating in a healthy way.

Self-esteem and confidence are crucial factors in making life-long change. The ability to imagine yourself at a healthy weight is an important start.

During hypnosis I reinforce your positive self-talk so that you build on strength, rather than battling feelings of deprivation.

Hypnosis will also increase your desire for healthier foods. When you find satisfaction with healthy food, changing your eating patterns becomes easy. 

Contact me today to begin the rest of your life feeling healthy and fit and lose weight with hypnosis.


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