Testimonials and Reviews

I am pretty amazed with Emmy’s help. We uncovered the cause for the pain I’d had in my lower back for four years. Hurray-I never would have imagined, but the pain is gone! n-Jan W.
I have tried every diet known to man. Working with Emmy has helped me to see why I overeat and has given me the power to change bad habits. I can finally live my life without being obsessed about food. n-Carolyn G.
I had debilitating headaches for over 20 years and after only a few sessions they are gone. I can not believe I suffered all those years and the solution was so simple. Thank you, Emmy you changed my life! n-Betty J.
Hypnotherapy has been a truly healing experience in ways I really didn't know it would be. I have been through many kinds of therapy on my own, with my husband, with my children. Always I would understand intellectually what my issues are- but hypnotherapy finally moved me beyond what I know intellectually. The deep relaxation allowed ideas to penetrate much further into the core of my being. My participation in the process was essential. n-Joanna H.
I was so anxious about my upcoming surgery and my doctor recommended hypnotherapy. After a few sessions with Emmy, I felt calm and relaxed going into my surgery. I am convinced it made my recovery much faster. n-Tom P.
I have been to countless therapists and quite a few hypnotherapists but I have never experienced anything like my sessions with Emmy. Her voice is so calm and reassuring. I feel so confident and free from my past worries, I just know I can do whatever I want in my life now and I can’t wait to get started! n-Rose D.
I did not believe I could be hypnotized, but after being in therapy for seven years with little result, I was desperate. I didn't know what to expect but I know I have never felt so deeply relaxed and happy. I am less anxious and much more confident even in social situations. I highly recommend Emmy to anyone that wants a positive change in their life n-Maria G.
I had terrible anxiety. Every time I had to talk to my boss, my heart would race, my hands would tremble and I felt like I was going to throw up. After my sessions with Emmy, I no longer had any of these symptoms. I am so grateful to Emmy for her help and support. n-Pam O.
My performance in competitions has improved 100% as a result of my sessions. I no longer get that brain fog and I am able to stay in the moment and do what I know how to do! n-Jon D.
My daughter’s grades have improved dramatically after her hypnotherapy sessions. She is calmer, more self assured and able to deal with issues with other kids and teachers without tears and drama. I am so happy my friend told me about Emmy! n-Kathy K.